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Resumé Tips

(1) Use good quality paper – a resume is a professional representation of you. When attending job interviews and career fairs make sure that your resume is printed on "resume" paper with a weight of 20lbs or more. Your resume should be printed with black ink on white or off-white colored resume paper.

(2) Spacing is almost everything – White space makes any document easier to read. This is especially important since most hiring managers will scan a resume for approximately 30-seconds.

(3) Make sure your resume is print-ready – The top and bottom margins of your document should be at least 1-inch so that if you need to fax or e-mail the document, the top or bottom portions of your page will not be cut off when printed. Your reader should not have to make adjustments to your document to print to read it.

(4) Customize your resume to each position – Look for keywords used throughout the job listing. Make sure in your skills section you highlight your applicable skills as they relate to the job requirements and duties. A free web site that may help you in determining the highlighted keywords is

(5) Use action keywords to describe your impact on a job, as opposed to your duties. You want to add value to any organization that you are a part of. Useful verbs for your resume.

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