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Interviewing Tips

(1) Smile – Make sure that you present a pleasant demeanor when interviewing. Flash that winning smile as you greet the receptionist, as well as your interviewer.

(2) Firm handshake – Confidence is often conveyed in a handshake. The web of your hand (the space between your thumb and pointer finger) should connect during this hand greeting.

(3) You've got personality, show it! – Having the perfect skills for the job are not enough. Research shows that hiring managers would rather work with someone they like and has a smaller skill-set, as opposed to an individual with all the required skills who shows no personality. Be mindful that the interview is professional, so do not indulge in personal conversation. Master the art of insightful chit-chat.

(4) Answer questions directly and efficiently – Listen carefully to the questions you are being asked and give an answer that highlights your strengths. An easy format for answering questions is the STAR method:

(5) Close the deal. – Ask for the job. "When do I start?" "Is there anything else I can share with you so that you know I am the best person for this position?"

(6) Thank you! – Make sure that you ask for a business card at the close of the interview. That enables you to send a thank you e-mail and/or card to the person(s) that interviewed you. It should be short and relate to how you are definitely the perfect fit person for the position.

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